Bridal jacket, cover ups, wraps and pullovers.

Are you starting the search for the perfect bridal cover-up? Look no further than DAMA Couture, where our wedding attire collection is feminine and classy. With designs ranging from pullovers to jackets at an affordable price, our accessories are tailored to each woman's style. Our online shop specifies the fabric, fit, and detailing to ensure our brides feel stylish and comfortable!

What to wear on top of a wedding dress?

Whether you have a winter wedding or want a chic cardigan to wear over your gown, there are many options for bridal outerwear. Our team at DAMA Couture has compiled tips on choosing what to wear over your dress. If your ceremony is in a colder season, a thicker fabric bridal jacket like faux fur is ideal when temperatures fall, while warmer months may call for a lightweight tulle topper style. We recommend these cover-ups be matched to the gown's design and color shade, amplifying the bride's outfit. These stylish add-ons vary in design—feathers, lace, sparkles, and pearl detailing—and are often crafted from satin fabric.

Fabulous wedding in winter

Are you tying the knot during the colder seasons? At DAMA Couture, we understand why. With a stunning outdoor backdrop, there is a simple yet elegant beauty to winter weddings. There are countless accessories, whether it is a cover-up design or a seasonal floral pattern. Our team ensures your bridal outfit is stunning while providing warmth on your big day!

Why you should buy a DAMA Couture bridal jacket

Our bridal outerwear is custom-made with high-quality fabrics and spotlight sophistication and style. Intentionally crafted with minimal designs, our champagne-colored wedding jackets emphasize the beauty and detailing of your dress. At DAMA Couture, our team cares for every bride feeling confident and cherished on their wedding day!