Princess wedding dresses.

We believe that each bride deserves her dream princess wedding dress, no matter of her style, social status or size.

We know that you are dreaming of a wedding dress you will shine in, sawn by the best artisans in their field, while at the same time being perfectly you.

That's why we make dresses that will fit your budget, but most importantly, we will provide you with a professional care and respect that you deserve in every stage of the process.

Are you dreaming of a fairytale? Look no further than DAMA Couture, where our princess wedding gowns are custom-made to inspire grace, elegance, and true love. Our artisans have added full-skirted tulle trains and varying embellishments—pearl detailing, beading, sequins, and more. Intentionally crafted to spotlight grandiosity, romance, and class, our princess dresses are designed for a royal wedding! Our online shop specifies each gown's fabrics, fit, and style to ensure you find your dream dress!

What is a princess - style wedding dress?

Princess wedding dresses are voluminous, lavish gowns featuring embellishments and adornments. These awe-inspiring designs highlight artistry and attentiveness with ornate detailing from delicate beading and hand-woven embroidery to lace overlays. Whether oversized with bows and statement sleeves or modern with a contoured bodice, these bold designs are created for a fairy tale! Often considered as "showstoppers," these glamorous, glittered gowns blend fantasy, elegance, and grandeur, perfectly complementing the romantic and confident bride-to-be! Traditionally, these regal wedding dresses are styled with sweetheart necklines and flattering cinch detailing at the waist to accentuate female beauty. Our princess dresses are custom-made with quality and care from hand-stitched tulle and organza fabrics to dramatic embellishments.

How to choose accessories for a princess wedding dress?

You've found your dress; now it's time for added charm! Like the princess wedding gown you have said yes to, bridal accessories reflect style, confidence, and self-expression. The accessories should accent your dress, whether it leans toward traditional glamour or modern subtlety. From veils and pullovers to jewelry, authenticity is key when browsing for wedding accessories, as they should match your personality. If there are dramatic embellishments with either pearl or bead detailing, our team recommends continuing that style when choosing between varying forms of jewelry. We suggest pairing your princess-style dress with delicate accessories for modern, minimalist brides to highlight a timeless and elegant design. We recommend considering which hairstyle you will want before shopping for veils, as this will influence the style, especially if you have an updo. Also, when adding a pullover to your bridal outfit, we suggest buying one if your wedding falls on a chilly time of the year, as it'll provide extra warmth!

Feel like a fairy tale princess at your wedding

This is your big day. You have said yes to the dress of your dreams and are about to devote your life to your special someone. At DAMA Couture, we take pride in knowing that you have chosen to share those beautiful moments with us. From captivating designs to breathtaking artistry, our princess-style wedding gowns celebrate that timeless kind bond. As you walk down the aisle, seeing the joy from all those who care for you will feel truly magical. At DAMA Couture, we take pride in knowing that you have chosen to share those beautiful moments with us.

When to buy a princess wedding dress?

Is it time to begin shopping? Saying yes to your perfect fairytale dress can be time-consuming. Therefore, our team recommends starting your journey at least a year prior to your wedding date. As princess-style gowns are crafted with intricate embroidery and embellishments, they have an approximate waiting time of 6-9 months to create.

Why should you buy a DAMA Couture princess wedding dress?

At DAMA Couture, we value custom-made wedding dresses that celebrate women who radiate confidence, worthiness, and strength. Our designs are created to shine a light on a bride's commitment, love, devotion, and gentleness toward her loving person. From hand-stitched tulle and organza fabrics, our stunning gowns are created to spotlight artistry and authenticity. Our brides are our priority, and we invest our time in making sure that on your momentous day, you feel like royalty as you walk toward your special someone.